Sound Mixer/Recordist

I'm a sound mixer/recordist based in New York City but working all over the country and world. I'm equipped with the gear and skills to mix almost anything, but I specialize in documentary, comedy, and independent films. I studied film production with a special focus on sound at Boston University.

Selected Credits


Billy on The Street - Additional Sound Mixer

Staring at the Sun - Additional Sound Mixer
Discovery Channel

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Location Sound Mixer

Monsoon Weddings - Location Sound Mixer
Smithsonian Channel prod. Tell2C

XQ Superschool Tour - Location Sound Mixer
prod. Radical Media

PBS Frontline - Location Sound Mixer
prod. LeftRight

The Haunting of Season 5 - Location Sound Mixer

Wu Tang Clan Documentary - Location Sound Mixer (Additional)
prod. Frank Meyer

The State of Welfare (in production) - Location Sound Mixer (Additional)
Ignite Studios

Soldier On - Location Sound Mixer
Tree of Life Productions

Tyler Rose - Location Sound Mixer (Tyler, TX)
Dir. Ashley Bush

Sanskriti (post-production) - Location Sound Mixer (Chicago & Shanghai)
Dir. Melissa Balan

Miriam Moskowitz - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Dir. Emily Harrold


Price Waterhouse Cooper - Location Sound Mixer
Casual Films

Weight Watchers - Location Sound Mixer
Riot Time Pictures

iHome - Location Sound Mixer
Rocket Dog NYC

Rockefeller Foundation - Location Sound Mixer
Tree of Life Productions

VEVO Lift - Location Sound Mixer
Senior Post

Wray & Nephew Rum - Location Sound Mixer
We Folk

Columbia University - Location Sound Mixer
Casual Films

ZipCar - Location Sound Mixer
Senior Post

Revlon - Location Sound
Makeup Tutorials

Regeneron - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Casual Films

BNY Melon - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Vision Pilots, Dir. Peter Hauser

Saudi Arabia IT Commercial - Location Sound Mixer
Third Space Creative Prod. Joanna Schneier

Clearasil - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Gotta Kid to Feed Productions, Dir. Joe Plummer

Brother Jimmy's BBQ - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Broderville Pictures, Dir. Todd Broder

Agganis Arena - Location Sound Mixer/Sound Designer
Dir. Jamey Kent


Gavin Degraw & NEEDTOBREATHE: "Brother" Live Acoustic - Location Sound
Prod. Atlantic Records

Mary Lambert: Spoken Word at the Nuyorican - Location Sound

Jamestown Revival: "Golden Age" Live Acoustic - Location Sound

Amy Helm: "Good News" Acoustic/Music Video - Location Sound
Prod. T. Zhang



Sound Devices 633 6-Track Mixer/Recorder
2x Wireless Mics (Lectrosonics with DPA Lavs)
Boom (DPA 4017B & Sennheiser MKH50)
Dummy Slate, Cables, Adapters, Batteries


Mixers & Recorders
Sound Devices 633 Mixer/Recorder
Tascam DR-680 Recorder
Zoom H4N Pro
Sound Devices MM1

Lectrosonics and Zaxcom Wireless (x6)
Sennheiser G3 Wireless for camera scratch and IFB
Sennheiser IEM IFB receivers (x3)
Comtek IFB Transmitter
Comtek IFB Receiver (x10)

DPA 4017B Shotgun Microphones
Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Microphone
Sennheiser MKH 50 Hypercardioid Microphone
DPA 4061 Lav Mics
Oscar Sound Tech 801 Lav Mics
Oscar Sound Tech TL40 Lav Mics

*Additional gear can be sourced upon request with advanced notice.



Bikini Moon - Sound Mixer
Dir. Milcho Manchevski

Rosy - Boom Op/Additional Sound Mixer
Dir. Jess Manafort

Manashe's Son - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Josh Weinstein

Lace Crater - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Harrison Atkins

Second Chance - Location Sound Mixer
2x4 Productions

Good Funk - Location Sound Mixer and Sound Designer
Dir. Adam Kritzer

Life Is Too Short - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Antoine Allen

In the Studio - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Alan Brown

Lily Grace: A Witch Story - Location Sound Mixer (Florida)
Dir. Wes Miller

Humans and Trees - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. John Touhey

Naz and Maalik - Location Sound Mixer (Reshoots)
Dir. Jay Dockendorf

The Answer - Location Sound Mixer (Vermont)
Dir. Wade Wofford

Why Do You Smell Like the Ocean? - Sound Mixer/Sound Designer
Dir. Kevin Baggot


Art Film with Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin - Location Sound
Dir. Candice Breitz

Millenials of New York - Location Sound Mixer
Prod. Elite Daily

Other People's Kids - Location Mixer and Sound Designer
Dir. Ben Ruffman-Cohen & Emelia Benoit-Lavelle

Blissful Banquet - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Harrison Atkins

Standardized - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Jonothan Gordon

Bushwick Boys - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Drigan Lee

Monica - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Dir. Doron Hagay

Mrs. Claus - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Op (Reshoots)
Dir. Charlie Polinger

Night Bell (post-production) - Location Sound Mixer
Dir. Sabrina Jaglom

The Big House - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Baller House Productions, Dir. Sana Qazi

About A Brookie - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Dir. Sayeeda Clarke 

21 Things (post-production) - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Op
Down the Road Productions, Dir. Andrew Anthony

Transporter - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Dir. Damon Colquhoun

Chocolate Heart - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator (SXSW 2014)
Dir. Harrison Atkins

Cleaning Lady - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator & Sound Designer
Dir. Drigan Lee


Due Back This Lifetime - Location Sound Mixer
Prod. Joe Kramer

Empire City (post-production) - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Dir. Hezues R.

So That Just Happened - Location Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
Dir. Josh Rothstein










Timecode & Miscellany
Tentacle Sync Timecode Box (x3)
Timecode Slate
Boom Poles
Slate, Cables, Accessories, etc.

Mac-based work station
Pro Tools 12
Pro Tools Control
Equator D5 Studio Monitors
Two Channel Recording for ADR and Foley