Sennheiser G3 Antenna Mod

After modifying a few of my old Sennheiser G3 units with an SMA connector and seeing how well they performed, I decided to offer the mod to anybody who is interested.  Open up new possibilities for remote antennae or just experience a bit of a boost in range over the stock antenna even with a standard SMA whip antenna. I modified mine for a few reasons, including:

1. Easier storage. I was bending the stock antenna to get it into cases. Now I just remove it and can store it seperately.

2. Boosted range. Even with a run-of-the-mill SMA whip, the range is better than the stock antenna.

3. Antenna options. Hooked up to a dipole or shark fin, you can get a ton more range. Good for car to car IFB monitoring and whenever else you can't be close enough for whips to suffice. I also like being able to use an articulated right angle whip for receivers on camera.

Click here for a recent post about how I incorporate G3s into my workflow.

I'm charging $50 per transmitter or receiver plus shipping. If you're looking to have a few done at once, I'd be happy to work out a bulk discount.  Contact me at for more info!